Hello! I'm Bruna, a proud mom to two amazing boys and one peppy dog Smokey and wifey to my wonderful husband - who is my greatest supporter. They are the pillars of my life, enriching it with lots of love and cherished moments.

I also have two passions that have taken root in my soul: vintage glass and candles. Like many, I have a cabinet filled with candles – you can never have too many, right?! Vintage glass holds a special place in my heart with it’s timeless beauty, unique charm and heartwarming nostalgia.

While I don’t lay claim to originating the concept of pairing candles with vintage glassware, the day I discovered this idea was the day a spark was lit within and I envisioned the fulfillment it would bring me. This moment marked the inception of my journey into the art of candle making. Following months of dedicated research and the usual ups and downs, Candles in the Country officially came to life in September of 2021.

As we fast forward to today, I’m thrilled to say that this journey is just beginning, and I warmly invite you to be a part of it. Your presence and support would mean the world to me as we embark on this exciting adventure together.